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Havnepladsen 3
3000 Elsinore
Telf.: +45 49 21 13 33
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Elsinore Tourist Association Tourist

Kongeskibet danebrogElsinore is a city of culture with deep roots in history. World renowned for Kronborg, Shakespeare's Hamlet and the Sound Dues, which was the basis for the city's prosperity in more than 400 years. In more recent times was focused Elsinore shipyard - Today rebuilt Culture Yard, a dynamic cultural center with concerts, theater, main library, etc. Culture harbor, which is under construction including the new Maritime Museum, connects the Kronborg Castle in Elsinore center in an inspiring meeting between past and present. Elsinore Tourist Association offers welcome.

 Port of Call Elsinore cruise ship HarbourSee Video from your next Port of Call Elsinore

Culture Yard Kronborg

Culture Yard ElsinoreKronborg fortifications with historic bastions and ravelins be restored, and the abandoned shipyard land is converted to a contemporary cultural space. This is the goal of the comprehensive development process that the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties and Elsinore has undertaken with the support of Realdania. Project Cultural Kronborg include reinterpretation part. Cultural Kronborg is a landscape project that highlights Kronborg and opens Elsinore city to the water. project ensures a thorough renewal and improvement of the area around Hamlet´s Castle - Kronborg

Elsinore Historical City walk


You can now go Elsinore Historical City Walk on your mobile phone or Iphone and watch the "10 must-see attractions" in Elsinore and much more.

or you can print the route on a pdf folder here


Culture Yard

Culture Yard unites Elsinore shipyard historical spirit a modern center of cultural innovation. Culture Yard is more place than building when the yard with its wealth of diverse spatiality emerges as a meeting place that invites to go on discovery, to empathize and develop.Sct. Olai Kirke Helsingør

Elsinore churches

Elsinore city center consists of houses from the 1500-1800 figure. The city's cathedral St. Olai's Church is the oldest building.

The oldest parts of the church date from the 1200s, but as it stands today, most, however, from 1559, with interior decorations.

Next to the cathedral you will find St. Mary's Church and Carmelite Monastery, also known as Our Lady Monastery, which today stands as the best preserved monastic sites in Scandinavia.

Hamlet´s CastleKronborg Slot Helsingør

Hamlets Castle is one of Northern Europe's most important Renaissance castles and is famous worldwide for being the scene of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Kronborg is more fortress than palace. Some of the walls are 6 feet thick.
Kronborg Castle in Elsinore visited each year by approx. 200,000 Danish and foreign tourists / visitors and is a great Danish tourist attraction.

Shakespeare at Hamlet´s Castle Douglas DC-3 flyvemaskine

Hamlet at Shakespeare´s Castle is a major annual event of international standing in Elsinore Castle / Hamlet´s Castle. Every year in August appears changing international theater companies in the courtyard with Shakespeare performances, a tradition dating back 1816.


Viennese Waltz at Kronborg Castle

Experience a magical evening at Hamlet´s Castle. Come to the Viennese Waltz with dinner, concert and lots of dancing in the Majestic Ballroom in one of Denmark's most beautiful castles. Here you can read more about Viennese Waltz at Hamlet's Castle,


Det Lille The og Kaffehus Helsingør
The Small Tea & Coffeehouse  
Watches and Jewelry Shopping in Elsinore City
Watches Gold and Jewelry

Shopping in Elsinore City:
In the middle lovely Elsinore you will find a bright and inviting shopping environment with 110 exciting shops centered in the center.

You can be inspired by the latest trends, whether you are passionate about fashion, lifestyle, interior decoration, sports or recreation. Whether you are for Watches and Jewelry, Italian specialties, fresh squeezed juice or Cozy cafes and restaurants, you will also find it in Elsinore and enriched with a dining experience more.

We are particularly proud of our many specialist shops, offering a little of everything, and these particular create the mood that makes you think back to the proud Sound Tax city, Kronbog and the exciting history of the town.


Rent a Twizy at Segway Tours

Lej en Twizy hos Segway Tours Helsingør

8 Hour (11 – 19) – DKK 699 / EUR 94
3 Hour (11 – 14 or 16 – 19) – DKK 399 / EUR 54
½ Hour – DKK 199 / EUR 27

Rent a fun electric car for 1 or 2 people. An El Twizy running up to 80 kilometers on a full charge, you can for example. drive to Louisiana, Tegner museum, Hornbæk or Gilleleje. Twizy electric vehicle is fast and can run 80 km / h and is considered normal. car in traffic.

You can rent a El- Twizy from Sejs office by Culture harbor. Here our guide will instruct you in the safe use of Twizy, before heading out into traffic. Twizy electric car to be returned the same place as you rent it from. Read more about  Segway Tours

Lej en Twizy hos Segway Tours Helsingør

Twizy electric cars require a driving license for car and take a copy of your driver's license for any insurance.

Twizy Electric cars owned by Kronborg Auto A / S, and is fully insured by Kronborg Auto A / S. Twizy is fully functional when you rent it. The car may only be driven in Denmark and the person who rented the car.

The owner of the car is fully liable for all damages that dull happen, and by self-inflicted injuries, the tenant must cover costs up to DKK 5,000 (EUR 667). It is possible to draw a one-day insurance of DKK 75 (EUR 10), which reduces the excess to DKK 1,000 (EUR 133).

Max 2 people per car.

Café Olai

Restaurant Café Olai with more than 30 years behind in Elsinore, is today an institution in the city and reflects the old Elsinore in both atmusfære as interior, and even the prices are for 1/4 century ago

Café Olai has a neat renumé that goes far beyond its borders and is one of the best eating places in Elsinore, the restaurant is mentioned regularly in the magazines, Travel News and Globetrotter, as part of Elsinore's culture.

The legendary restaurants is well attended and especially around noon. 13:00 to 15:00, there may be Queuing to reserve a table, therefore came in good time, or schedule a later visit. Tel. +45  49 20 16 07

In the restaurant is also tourist brochures, city walk suggestions, or you can ask the staff.


Elsinore Ports

Helsingør Nordhavn was built as a fishing port and marina of Elsinore in the years 1932-1934 and expanded in the early 1970s to the present size. Elsinore Ports also counts the ferry port with  Buses and car ferries to Sweden. During the year, provide large cruise ships to the nest out of Helsingor and sailing visiting guests to the royal quay.


Deep-sea fishing fishing trips and fishing on the Sound from Elsinore portHavfiskeri lystfiskeri Helsingør havn

Fishing license available at Elsinore Tourist Association
The Sound is one of the best places in Scandinavia for sea fishing. During the summer offers fishing and sea fishing in the Sound, inter alia, garfish, flatfish and herring in particular the so-called "summer cod" 3 -10 kg. In winter season the herring and the famous department cod chipper out there

From Elsinore sailing tour boats at sea fishing, every day, all year. Normally shipped weekdays from. 8 to 15 Sat and Sundays and some holidays from kl. 7 to 12 and at from. 12 to 17 Please contact the tour boats directly for information on travel times bookings and prices.


Elsinore Tourist Association / Tourist

Helsingør Turistkontor    Hornbæk Turistinformation
Havnepladsen 3
3000 Helsingør
Telefon 49 21 13 33
Hornbæk Bibliotek
Vestre Stejlebakke 2 A
3100 Hornbæk
Telefon 49 70 47 47 

All Year open turist Offices in Elsinore.

Helsingør turistbureau Åbningstider
02/01 - 27/06 Mandag - Fredag10:00 - 16:00
30/06 - 03/08 Mandag - Fredag10:00 - 17:00
30/06 - 03/08 Lørdag, Søndag10:00 - 14:00
04/08 - 19/12 Mandag - Fredag10:00 - 16:00
04/08 - 31/08 Lørdag10:00 - 14:00


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