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Industrivej 5 6261 Bredebro

ECCO shoe Denmark

A man and his dream

Ecco Denmark

Innovation without compromise

Karl Toosbuy – the founder of ECCO – had a dream. He wanted to own a shoe factory and run his own business. Trained from an early age as a shoemaker, he gradually rose through the ranks and by his early 30’ies was managing a shoe factory in Copenhagen. The business, however, was not his.

Ecco Denmark
Ecco Denmark

The family decided to give up the security of a regular job, sell their home and move to Bredebro on the west coast of Denmark, just north of the German border. Karl and Birte Toosbuy and their 5-year-old daughter, Hanni, rented a small house and took over an empty factory built by the local community to help create jobs in what was a predominantly agricultural town.

Our Vision

To be the best shoe company in the world

Being visionary is fundamental for seeing and achieving your desired future state. At ECCO our vision is to be the best shoe company in the world. We are the only major shoe company to own and operate our own production and retail facilities. And we constantly innovate to improve our ability to make shoes that follow the foot.

Our Values

At ECCO we are guided by our respect for our heritage, our call for innovation, our quest for excellence, our dedication to care, and our passion.

Because we respect and value our heritage, we base our work on quality craftsmanship. We challenge conventions, strive for uniqueness, encourage change and make room for individual creativity to drive innovation. We constantly raise the bar and deliver the highest achievable quality in our quest for excellence. We care about creating and maintaining strong, positive relationships with our colleagues, our partners, our customers and the societies in which we live and work. We act with integrity and we respect and encourage diversity. We are a passionate organisation, filled with people who are passionate and build their work on what they love to do.

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ECCO Sko A/S BredebroECCO Sko A/S Industrivej 5 6261 Bredebro

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