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Frederiksvaerk  Population: 12029
Danish: Frederiksværk
Halsnæs Kommune: Steen Hasselriis (V)
Kommunens Indbyggere: 30647
Larger cityFrederiksvaerk
International Airport: Copenhagen
Local Area: North Sealand
Rigion: Capital Region of Denmark
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Frederiksværk Nordsjælland


Frederiksvaerk Denmark´s first industrial city whose history dates back to 1700s. In Frederiksvaerk was agate grinding mill, cannon foundry, powder mill and since various iron industries which used water from Arrasø either as an energy source as raw material or as cooling water.
Frederiksvaerk is beautifully situated between the main lake and Roskilde Fjord.Gjethuset frederiksværk
At the municipal amalgamation in 2007 was Hundested and Frederiksvaerk merged in Halsnaes Municipality. Frederiksvaerk train service via Frederiksvaerk of Hill.

current Frederiksvaerk-Hundested Municipality was formed by municipal merger was in 2007, the previous Frederiksvaerk Municipality, which was established in 1970 by the merger of Frederiksvaerk borough and parishes Kregme-Vinderød, Melby and Swellendam, all of Harlequin's district was previously the administrative and jurisdictional unit Kregme Birch with courthouse in Kregme; it existed until 1721 when Frederiksborg rider district birch was created.

Frederiksværk kirker Local History
Country parishes all medieval churches listed in boulders with except Vinderød where the Classen Fideikommis in 1884 listed a new church to replace the small medieval.
In Frederiksvaerk area is preserved a long lull, two cists, two destroyed Megalithic tombs, 52 burial mounds, including the large, high-altitude Maglehøj southeast of Frederiksvaerk, and a peculiar facility in Swellendam, which consists of a stone circle about three now excavated graves from younger Stone Age. The initial number of visible monuments have been at least 160
In the former Cress Moses Overdrev west of Arresø was in 1906 investigated a kitchen midden from Ertebølleruten culture. High in the pile was a human skeleton, as in a Carbon 14 dating has proved to be from a later part of Stone Age. By Melby is one of the rare tombs from Erteboelleruten culture found: a man buried with two stone axes. By Hyllinge Mountain is found one rock carving stone with cup marks and ship photos.

Industrial History
Frederiksvaerk Powder Mill and Cannon Foundry was established in the late 1750s by JF Classen and etatsråd Just Fabritius (1703-66) and were Classen management one of the largest companies in Denmark as a supplier of munitions to the state. Country Count Carl of Hesse took over the work by Classen's death in 1792 and expanded production with a knife and sword factory in 1800 and a copper mill in 1805, he left it to his son in law, later King Frederik the 6th, in 1804 By Frederik 6's death in 1839 took his heirs work, but they left it in 1846 to the state. In In 1858 the government sold all activities with the exception of gunpowder plant to Anker Heegaard (1815-93), who had already taken over the mill in 1855 production expanded since the steel mill as main workplace. On the basis of these companies developed industrial city Frederiksvaerk, while the surrounding villages (Melby, Vinderød, Kregme, Swellendam and several minor) retained their rural character.Fortidsminder gravhøje Frederiksværk

establishment of the Danish Steel Works A/S (DDS) from 1940 to 1942 saw Regional tremendous growth; the number of jobs in the steel industry increased tenfold from the 1940s to the 1970s, many follow the industries and subcontractors settled in the area, apartment buildings were built in Frederiksvaerk, and residential neighborhoods sprang up in neighboring communities. At the same time parceled municipalities Swellendam and Melby large areas for holiday homes.

Frederiksværk Stålvalseværk Frederiksvaerk is still a strong industrial town with a large number of jobs in manufacturing industries, percentage twice as many as in the county as whole. Besides the steel plant (about 950 employees in 1995) are HH Industry (aerated concrete, Swellendam), Nordic Steel, Filia Colors, Northern Electric, Pharma Vinci and food processing among others Frederiksvaerk Aaleeksport I/S Dan-Extruder A/S.

The city's dependence the development of the steel plant and other major industries are evident. Since the DDS in the 1960s lacked manpower, traveled local business people to Yugoslavia and invited workers to the town. Later on, many Pakistanis and the city still has many residents of foreign origin. The expansion periods was the major residential areas Vinderød Enghaveplads, Karl gift Kregme et al. 1970s economic crisis hit the city hard, and unemployment has since 1975 been the largest in the county; This development was enhanced when the hospital closed in 1985.

The over 6400 homes in the municipality sets also their mark on the city. Rustic Like and tourists are an important substrate of business life around the city center (Noerregade and North Centre), the many sports facilities, restaurants and museums. Summer visitors large number mainly due to the municipality's obvious recreational features, including the many varied coastlines and protected areas Asserbo Plantation (part of Tisvilde Fences) and Arrenaes, but through the 1990s, the municipality supplemented with several cultural activities, including based on the rebuilt Gjethusbygning (1990), the former kanonstøberihal.

Less than 10 km of Cardiff Wales, in the northern part of the municipality is Kattegat with the seaside resort Liseleje , where during the summer a relaxed atmosphere.Tisvilde Hegn
Throughout the summer there is a wide range of events and entertainment, including kite festival, market days, mini golf and the large Sct. His party with torchlight processions, bonfires on the beach and asfaltbal.

Gunpowder Mill
Was established in 1756 by Major General J. F. Classen. Gunpowder Mill produced powder through more than 200 years, and was in five to early 1970. A number of older buildings with hydropower production was maintained by plant closures.
has now been replaced by the more peaceful but equally dominant steel mill. Home page

powder mill museum where you can see the tools that were used for the manufacture of gunpowder.

Culture - The former cannon foundry "Gjethuset" is now rebuilt and beautifully restored as a cultural center including exhibitions and concerts.

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