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Frederikssund  Population: 15725
Frederikssund Kommune: John Schmidt Andersen (V)
Kommunens Indbyggere: 44401
Larger cityFrederikssund
International Airport: Copenhagen
Local Area: North Sealand
Rigion: Capital Region of Denmark
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Visit Frederikssund

Frederikssund TuristforeningIn the Middle Ages there was only a small ferry place where Frederikssund is today. The area was an uninhabited grasslands, and the ferry just a barge that was pulled over Roskilde Fjord with a rope. Much has happened since. Today Frederikssund a thriving market town, and the entire city is in constant development.
Frederikssund municipality consists of the cities Frederikssund, Jægerspris, Skibby and Slangerup.

Jægerspris CastleJægerspris Slot  Nordsjælland

King Frederik VII acquired Jægerspris Castle April 21, 1854 at his wife, Louise Danner's birthday. Subsequently, the Oldenburg kings old hunting lodge for the private residence of the king and since widowed Countess Danner. In 1866, three years after the king's death, the Countess opened parts of the castle to the public.
At the museum you can see the audience chamber, the king's study with the impressive pipe collection, tower room and jour room with king sized collection of weapons, and the countess cabinet with beautiful furniture. The living rooms at Jægerspris Castle is furnished to the taste of the fashion and style conscious Countess Danner and is the only place in Denmark where 1850s interior design can be experienced in a coherent whole.

Selsø Castle

Selsø Castle is a beautiful and cultured historic buildings and a fine memory of the Danish manor culture. And then save the castle on many stories. Read more about Selsø Castle here.

Viking habitat FrederikssundFrederikssund vikingeby

Every summer is Frederikssund in the Vikings' sign when both adults and children put on their Viking and occurs during the Vikings game. In summer the Frederikssund Viking Games play "Hagbard and Signe". When darkness falls and the stories of Norse mythology to life on the stage, one can imagine how the Vikings traded, lived and sailed on Roskilde Fjord. Do not miss the annual Viking festival, Viking gloomy and more.

Roskilde Fjord was a very important waterway for the Vikings. Nowhere in Denmark feel the Viking presence as strong as when boating, fishing or swim in the clear water. Skuldelev ships, which are now on display at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, was lowered into the narrow fairway off Skuldelev harbor just south of Frederikssund, to block the enemy's further passage into the Roskilde Fjord, and thereby also to defend the attack at Roskilde, where the throne was.

On this page you can find information about Viking game, Viking activities and events in Frederikssund. 

J.F. Willumsens Museum

Corfitz Ulfeldt Selsø Slot NordsjællandJ.F. Willumsens Museum is a single-artist museum created for artist Jens Ferdinand Willumsen.

The museum was opened in 1957, its occurrence is caused by a deed of gift to Frederikssund from JF Willumsen (1863-1958), including both his own work as a painter, sculptor, ceramicist, photographer and architect and his large private collection Old Collection. In the deed of gift was assumed that the museum should also exhibit this collection, a condition which was however first settled in 2005 as an extension of 1,400 m2 were added to the original museum building, which became like tripled its area.

In the new museum complex is a special exhibition hall, there are suspended selected works from Old Collection, and in the sculpture hall set processing and plaster models for striking sculptures. In Relief Hall is keen plaster model for the marble relief of the Great Relief that the Ministry of Culture was canonized in 2006.

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