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Elsinore  Population: 61800
Danish: Helsingør
Helsingør Kommune: Mayor Benedikte Kiær
Kommunens Indbyggere: 63.000
Larger cityElsinore
International Airport: Copenhagen
Distance til: Elsinore 53 Km.
Local Area: North Sealand
Rigion: Capital Region of Denmark
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Elsinore is a culture city with deep roots in history. World famous for Kronborg Castle, Shakespeare´s Hamlet near Øresund, which was the basis for the city´s prosperity for more than 400 years. In recent times was focused on Elsinore Shipyard - now converted to Culture Yard, a dynamic cultural center with concerts, theater, main library, etc. The Culture harbor, which is under construction with particular the new Maritime Museum, connects the Kronborg Castle with the center of Elsinore in an inspiring meeting between past and present.

Elsinore is one of the best places for Angling, sea fishing and deep sea fishing

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