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Elsinore cruise ship Harbour
Aktiviteter Aktiviteter
Nordhavnsvej 13
3000 Helsingør
Telf.: +45 41 78 67 71

Port of call Elsinore cruise ship Harbor

Port of Elsinore cruise ship Harbor, the Jewel in the Crown
A remarkable port of call for all      
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Port of Call Elsinore cruise ship Harbor

Passengers get an extraordinary experience!
There are few Harbors in the world that can boast a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Elsinore Harbor neighborhood, which re-opens in 2012 after extensive renovation, is certainly one of them.

Port of Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark

  Port of Call Elsinore cruise ship HarborSee Video from your next Port of Call Elsinore

From the quays, visitors can enjoy the many Harbor attractions and explore the historical city of Elsinore, with its mediaeval buildings, cathedral , cloisters and extensive pedestrian shopping and restaurant facilities. With services and facilities to handle even the largest groups.

 Elsinore Harbor provides cruise ships and their guests the best kick-off for a visit to Denmark.

Spesial delights for the ship tourist guide:
We already have a proposal for a cultural and historical tour of our lovely medieval town. we supplement much like the experience with "Hamlet's friend" who is a storyteller in Prince Hamlet costume who knows everything to Elsinore - Shakespeare - Hamlet - the medieval castle and Kronborg's secrets. - 

On this shore excursion, We will show you the key attractions and historical sites and share the most famous stories as well as lesser-known facts about Helsingor (Elsinore).

The visitors will see the many timber-framed houses and restored cobbled byways. Underway you will pass the Cathedral, the Saint Maria Church with the Carmelite Monastery and the former "red light area” in Anna Queen Street. A tour of the Carmelite Monastery will be of the cloister, the music room and the refectory. In Saint Maria Church you will see the well-preserved murals and a replica of the organ, which Buxtehude (German composer) used when he was organist during the 1600’s.

The Carmelite Monastery, with the Saint Maria Church, is the best preserved Carmelite monastery in northern Europe and one of the major places of interest in Elsinore.

Or you can go the route with your mobile phone. Check out our suggestions here.

Wake up to Elsinore Castle / Shakespeare’s Castle

Proudly guarding the entrance to the Harbor is one of Northern Europe’s most famous renaissance castles.
Kronborg Castle, which is known to the English-speaking world as Elsinore Castle or Hamlet´s Castle, is home to Shakespeare’s timeless Hamlet and serenely commands the entrance to the Harbor. 

Café Olai Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark
Café Olai
Sct. Olaigade 19

Set in impressive and extensive grounds, moats and ramparts that are easily accessible from landing stages, the visitor-friendly castle provides a fascinating insight into Denmark’s military, maritime and royal history.

The tour guide on the ship has the story in PDF printable formate here, a historical walking tour   that takes you back to the 1600 century

Danish and Nordic food and gastronomy:
Nordic cuisine - Danish open sandwiches on dark bread - read more about Danish food culture, Danish lunch.  Today Denmark is among the World’s most innovative and exciting in the field of gastronomy. Read more about Nordic cuisine

 (by the way,? are you wondering why Danes eat dark rye bread), read here A taste of Denmark




Culture Yard and Maritime Museum

Culture yard Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark
cruise ship Harbor Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark

Modernised quays provide access to the striking architectural novelty of the Culture Yard – an eldorado of facilities tastefully built into the converted buildings of the former shipyard and bordered by the Danish Maritime Museum, itself exquisitely built into a dry dock. With its vast collections of artifacts and innovative exhibitions, the museum provides an impressive interactive insight into the maritime world for visitors of all ages.




A cruise ship paradise

Queen Mary 2  Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark
Cruise ship Port Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark

A new cruise liner quay for vessels of max. 150m and a 6.5m draft.
Ample anchorage for larger vessels of any size in the roads only 0.25 nautical miles out, and with a water depth of 20m.
  Reception facilities at an approved ISPS transit quay for launches entering the exciting Harbor provide visitors with the extra attraction of a boat trip from the roads into the striking complex. Comprehensive, quick and comfortable services allow visitors to extend their visit to nearby Copenhagen, Helsingborg or other neighboring attractions, including the renowned Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the home of Karen Blixen of Out of Africa fame, the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle and Fredensborg Palace, Queen Margrethe’s Royal Summer Residence.

Meet the Wikings if you dare


Hamlet and Kronborg

Dansesalen til fest og fornøjelse Hamlets Castle Elsinore
Read about Vienna Waltz at Kronborg

The legend’s association with Elsinore and Kronborg did not begin until Shakespeare, presumably due to Elsinore’s status as one of the world’s most important towns in the 1600s. Thanks to the Sound Dues which was a special toll that all passing ships had to pay in the town, Elsinore had become a traffic hub for international shipping.

Dansesalen til fest og fornøjelse Hamlets Castle Elsinore
Hamlet and Kronborg

The town was also regarded as a cultural centre due to the newly built royal castle, Kronborg. It is unknown whether Shakespeare actually ever visited Elsinore. It is known with certainty, however, that a number of English and Scottish players from his retinue performed as visiting actors at Kronborg and in the town of Elsinore. They could have been the source of stories about the illustrious castle on the Sound that reached Shakespeare and which inspired him to set the play here.

“Hamlet” is one of the most famous and frequently performed stage plays in the world. Since the 1600s, countless theatrical productions at the castle and many other venues have endeavoured to keep the legend of Hamlet alive. That is why Kronborg is now known all over the world as Hamlet’s castle, and Elsinore is known as the Town of Hamlet.


You are our guests

Cruise ship Port Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark

We welcome the royal family and our cruise guests in royal style, with red carpets and musicians from our sweet girl Guard, and we say goodbye with a salute from Schakespears famous Kronborg Castle.

Cruise ship Port Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark

If you would like us to schedule a tour, Mail to Elsinore tourist office

Elsinore is the center of Denmark's most famous National Park "National Park Kings Playground" (Danish: Nationalpark Kongernes Nordsjælland)

Cruise Ships Port of Call Elsinore.

Elsinore Port is ISPS approved.

Queen Mary 2  Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark

The quay has been extended, so there will be room for approx. 5000 m2 for parking area.
Tourist office 300 meters from the Cruise berth.
Train station next to the port. Only 40 min. by train to Copenhagen International Airport.
Only 30 min. by train to Copenhagen City Center
Ferry crossing to Helsingborg / Sweden - takes only 20 minutes, 3 departures per hour.
Banks, hotels and most shops accept credit cards.
Three of Northern Europe's most famous Renaissance castles in a radius of 20 Km.
Distance from Elsinore to Copenhagen by see appx. 20 Nautical Miles


Technical Information

Port of call Elsinore
Port of call Elsinore

Port Facilities:
Minimum 7,0 m of water depth at berth
Tug service
Supply of freshwater
Pilotage Service
Bunker Service
Slop Service
Waste Containers
Ordering Service
Passport / Police Service 6

56° 02′ 11″ N 12° 37′ 49″ E.


Larger cruise ships can anchor at the smooth southern breakwater just appx. 0.20 nm / 400 m from the new two-sided pier at King quay and with  a spectacular view of Shakespeare's Kronborg castle from the ship.

Cruise ship Harbor Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark

No limit for length and Draught.


Largest ship at berth
Max length 150 m
Max Draught 6,5 m
Max width 30 m
NO height restriction
NO tides
NO compulsory pilotage
NO compulsory use of tugs
Tender Fee incl. ISPS

Helsingør Cityforening

Larger cruise ships can anchor appx. 0.25 nm. SSE of the southern breakwater. Passengers can be tendered to a new two-sided pier at King quay. 

Port of Elsinore Harbor office
Helsingør Havne
3000 Helsingør / Elsinore
Telefon: +45 49 28 10 80

1. september – 31. maj: kl. 9.00-13.00
(onsdage lukket)
1. juni- 31. august: kl. 8.00-15.00
(torsdage kl. 8.00-17.00)


Visit Elsinore Denmark

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Krudtværket Frederiksværk FrederiksværkKrudtværket Frederiksværk

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Kulturhus Gjethuset FrederiksværkKulturhus Gjethuset

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Til-Tops HavreholmTil-Tops

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Frederiksborg Slotskirke HillerødFrederiksborg Slotskirke

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J.F. Willumsens Museum FrederikssundJ.F. Willumsens Museum

Samlingen omfatter et bredt udvalg af J.F. Willumsens malerier, tegninger, pasteller, grafik, keramik, skulptur, fotografier og arkitektur. ....
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Helsingør Domkirke - Skt. Olai kirke HelsingørHelsingør Domkirke - Skt. Olai kirke

Helsingør Domkirke - Skt. Olai Kirke - har navn efter den norske kong Olav den Hellige, som faldt i slaget ved Stiklestad i 1030....
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Put and Take sø Fredensborg Ørredfiskeri FredensborgPut and Take sø Fredensborg Ørredfiskeri

Fredensborg Ørredfiskeri og Put and take sø er en af Danmarks smukkeste P & T søer og strøm­vand med en stor, sund bestand af spændende fisk.....
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Shopping i Helsingør HelsingørShopping i Helsingør

Tag veninden under armen og tag på shoppetur til det dejlige Helsingør. Vi har 250 special- og dagligvarebutikker i skønne, smukke og rare omgivelser. Snup en frokost på en af vores mange hyggelige cafeer og restauranter.....
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